Moon Horoscope for Mar 28, 2017 - Apr 11, 2017

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New Moon in Aries, ACTIVIST WOLF PACK!

Welcome to the new Astrological year. The stars are there to support ACTIVISTS in this deep new moon. Howl at this new moon, its for you! Packed into bed in ♈ Aries we have Venus (in retrograde) ♀, Eris, Uranus ♅ and Mercury ☿ with Mars and Ceres in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces.. all the way on the other side of the chart we have Jupiter ♃, our big challenge. We have the support for our struggle this fortnight, especially if we are going against popular opinions.. The Venus in retrograde could cause a bit of contrariness, in the worst case we could be in crowds and want to be alone, in the best case, we leave our agreeable yearnings behind and follow our truths, regardless of what other people think. Wild Wolves unite!!