Moon Horoscope for Feb 26, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017

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New Moon in Pisces

Solar Eclipse: Midnight swimming and watching a beach fire

This eclipse is the last in Pisces, we've been having them for over 2 years now, emotional breakdowns etc. The dark side of the moon passes by the sun, nightmares are strong, its a scary but good time. Thankfully it means we are getting to the crux of the shit we are letting go - things we have relied on, aspired too, misplaced our hearts into for years...We have Mercury ☿, Neptune ♆, South Node and Chiron also in Pisces ♓ . Real heavy shit about knowledge delusions being a thorn in our side in the past all coming together in a healing eclipse of Pisces.. If its anyone's birthday that you know, I recommend going to that party!! because we also got Venus ♀, Mars ♂ and Uranus ♅ in Aries ♈ bucking the system. We can make a good time of it with our midnight swim and beach fire..