Moon Horoscope for Jan 28, 2017 - Feb 12, 2017
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New Moon in Aquarius

Finding friends in the debris

After a possible eruption during the full moon, we look around at the debris. This new moon fills us with a restless energy, to meet new people, learn new things, join new clubs, change our look, googling and clicking on more links.. its when we get creative with what's available that we found in a crazy way..

we will value our friendships and detach ourselves from haunts and bad habits of the past..get up and go.

influencing planets are a square with ♄ Saturn and ♀ Venus, which puts a little spanner in the works when we get a bit judgey about our self worth when meeting new people..meeting people online would work for some people affected by this, it gives us that shield.. or spinning it round in our head that we deserve new and loving friendships aside from the Moon, theres a quincunx between ♃ Jupiter and ♀ Venus, meaning we will have trouble with our expectations of people, but this could be most likely our past detachments..