Moon Horoscope for Dec 29, 2016 - Jan 12, 2017
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New Moon in Capricorn

Separate intuition from wishful thinking.

We've had a good trot around the forest aiming with our bow etc, it takes a while for these views to form definite plans.. this new moon is about, separating intuition from wishful thinking. Try to have some short term goals set for the full moon Jan 14 and some longer term ones. Capricorn pays out on the goal setting, rules following, boundaries etc so we can enjoy the bounties and decadence of earth..

☿ Mercury (retrograde),and ♇ Pluto are conjunct with the sun/moon all in Capricorn. Pluto helps with longer term goals and Mercury in retrograde can actually be helpful if we are doing something against our normal grain. So its really about making a plan that could be the opposite of what we usually would do and a long term change one, otherwise prepare for slow shipping or bouncing back emails..

again INTUITION is the key.. as we are receiving special help from sextile friends ♂ Mars and ♆ Neptune who are looking back in South Node. So we can either get stuck in nostalgia or take something from it for our new direction. A person born this day is a daring person who naturally got everything they wanted, because of their great intuition.. goddesses assemble.

most affect on those born on first week of Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn.