Moon Horoscope for Nov 30, 2016 - Dec 15, 2016
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New Moon in Sagittarius

Cum from yr core<3

Lets focus on our shot.
"I can't be normal coz there's too much wrong in this world"

Think back to the stuff that was surfacing around full moon, fears, old/bad karma, and find your righteous self and fight back.. our shot may be a little imprecise now but we can instead plan our shot. In next week we have Venus and Mercury culminating in Capricorn and Sagittarrius respectively (and approaching the end of their cycles) so we will be reflecting on changes a bit this new moon, with the danger of getting a bit too stuck in the karma of Sag or the money/art issues in Cap. ,there's been some global changes right.. but don't forget you can help.. CUM FRM YR CORE! strategize with love.. this is a great opportunity to chart, explore into new galaxies, theres a world of righteous babes out there somewhere!!