Moon Horoscope for Oct 30, 2016 - Nov 15, 2016
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New Moon in Scorpio

Unfair? Vagina Teeth Justice <3

weelll.. im not so good with aries so im super happy to be back and savage in scorpio. good to see all you mad sick cunts on the full moon.. but its water time.

It is an interesting new moon in Scorpio this year.. occuring in the beginning of scorpio Kali brings along a worldly/universal aspect so we are looking for the unfair and getting at it with our vagina teeth? Conjunct Mercury brings us to a data mine and trine Neptune loves a bit of a trickster or creative story telling. Our obsessions this new moon are best served to art, spirituality or helping the sick and needy, warning: we may be asborbed into virtuality..

We are in the middle of a two-week transit of Mercury in Scorpio (see above). and a three week transit of Venus in Sagittarius 'buoyant love' and three months of Mars in Capricorn 'persistent energy'