Moon Horoscope for July 4 - July 18 2016 ● ♋ ● ♋ ● ♋ ● ♋ ● ♋ ● ♋ ● ♋● ♋● ♋

so this new moon is pretty cruisy so thought I'd lay back a little.. the new moon is in its element in cancer, so some of us are really vibing.. and sharing oursleves with the world this new moon.. others (like me) may be a bit stuck in their dark emotions.. and unable to revel because everything isn't perfect/right.. the saturn square neptune continues to and has been producing some fogginess BUT if we are lucky might have a clear day today.. so a premonition could be on the cards for you vibing folk today..

today i have been enjoying the generosity and caring from others, so thank you and i'll try to give back over the next couple of weeks..

my new moon psychic test was right however at good old Sydney College of Art. We should all have a right to think up our crazy art ideas in an old sandstone mental asylum.. have you seen the petition