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Wednesday Nov 11, 2015 New Moon in Scorpio

So I don't know about the rest of you but I'm coming down from the fun I tried so hard to have for the Taurus full moon... im sure we all saw the truth of 'being' right?? thats what taurus is so good for..

the new moon in scorpio is coming up next wednesday on 11 November.. to drag us in another direction. of course naturally we are meant to plant the seeds for transformation now, but a lot of the time, i feel like the world is fucked, we can be drawn to the negative sides of things because we want them to transform.. so.. the challenge for this week is to not get too bogged down in this..

we think about the truth we saw last week, the negativity we are seeing this week and next week and we make a spell. i was hesitant to encourage magic but you are all my friends and i trust you.. this new moon in scorpio is the best time for transformative spells.. you know what's best for you..

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