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Sun 13 September 2015 New Moon in Virgo

Lunar eclipse

dear moon curious/sensitive/lovers

coming up on friday sep 13 we have a new moon in virgo eclipsing the sun..

we will be dealing with new beginnings to do with work and attention to detail in regards to our health/healing. we can make these things work, they will find a way to overlay our public lives a little..depending on depth of affect you feel, you could simply come up with a new work or health routine..

how does our body feel in the system?? this new moon exposes flaws in the system prompting us to redo, be one with your new body awareness.. the effect this eclipse predicted to last for 6 months..a new 'calling' could emerge over this time

because we are dealing with the dark side of the moon, there is the potential that we can obsess over the flaws or feel guilty, stressed about them..  remember the full moon in pisces it is a balancing power to virgo.. these are very spiritual signs.. lets heal ourselves..remember the freedom power you felt at full moon after the stuff from april had built up.. to explode.. now its time for balanced introspection.. find beauty in imperfection!

Sound 14) bdtd 048 Rasheed ‘Gold’ 2