Moon Horoscope for Feb 10, 2017 - Aug 10, 2017
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Full Moon in Leo

Lunar Eclipse: The Trump Obama Relationship Crisis

Obama's are enstilled with the lioness these next 6 months, protecting their cubs. The roar of the lion is put in the shadows for the snarl of the lioness. Lunar eclipses shed a night-vision on a relationship crisis. With our infra-red powers to see in the dark we discover something lacking. If you have your chart handy look at where Leo and Aquarius are, this will point to the area of relationship crisis (ie, an axis of birth/afterlife; fact/opinion learning; self-made/self-awareness; etc). Tonight, see the lioness in the eyes of the people around you. We may travel far to fix this and note the six month time frame for eclipses. Some lionesses might even join a different crew, dump their lion etc... Though we have an epiphany now, it usually takes a while to sort out, so put that impatient lion to bed.