Moon Horoscope for Jan 12, 2017 - Feb 12, 2017
❍ ♋ ❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋❍ ♋
Full Moon in Cancer

ruffle feathers: express your feelings in art

so welcome to the first emotional eruption of the year. the Full Moon in Cancer brings the focus back to home and your home page. you will be full of energy to design your nest to be comfortable, with friends, colors, crystals, fans and an increased sex drive.. the sun also pulls our ego back to public status, so a balance needs to be met. if you lean more towards ♋ maybe think about how the public sees you and your family, paint the house, work on the garden, search engine optimisation? other ♐ leaners may find a struggle between balancing career and family. whatever that needs to come out will, a good time to express your feelings in your art.

Jupiter ♃ and Uranus ♅ join Pluto ♇ and the Moon to form a Grand Square: this illuminates an uncommon, anti-establishment change that could ruffle feathers.. mars forms a triangle in our square.. so bring in a mediator if a big confrontation is planned.