Moon Horoscope for Dec 15, 2016 - Jan 15, 2016
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Full Moon in Gemini

Go out but don't end up at the wrong party.

As usual the full moon is pulling us a different way on Tuesday and its best if we find a balance.. this time the tension is between the far away and the immediate. We've been vibeing on setting up our shot but the air signs, Gemini with a lil help from Aquarius is calling us back to the now, what is she wearing? what is Trump doing? etc. We want to mingle, Gemini makes us fun and clever, (and maybe a bit touché). but remember to keep your eyes on the prize, while having fun, we have all ended up at the wrong party. I've got to not be distracted when doing my psychic tests. Aquarius is there to help us keep our alternative experimental streaks. Meaning you may find unexperimental or unalternative people stranded at your party LOL, have a go at some social change? Mars and Venus are both in aquarius, making us less concerned about personal power, a good time to spend making new online personas, posting on 4chan etc. keywords 'alternative and detached'