Moon Horoscope for Oct 15, 2016 - Nov 15, 2016
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Full Moon in Aries

<3 being a mad sick cunt <3 super moon
creative entertainment
theres a rare aspect on this full moon for dark lunacy for 10 days. we are conjoined with uranus and eris.. smaller planets with some too scary (expanding universe) prospects...luckily aries and jupiter on this full moon gives us the confidence to get it all out there.. a good weekend for craft warrior action!! we will get feelings of great joy from being creative... gay goddess/dark goddess.. sidestepping anger and being entertaining is also on the cards.. cancer, capricorn, aries, libra most likely to feel an effect..

im waaay into just having fun and being creative over the next 14 days.. sooo heaps of fun and distraction now.. thoughts coming a bit moon and planetary paths coming to fruition..