Moon Horoscope for Sep 16, 2016 - Mar 16, 2017
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Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - Full Moon

so the confusion, extra thoughts that the moon has been planting in your mind will start getting clearer or even epiphany on Friday. Those with strong Virgo or Pisces in their planets will be more affected. look at the planet and the house virgo or pisces are in. ie. Pisces in fifth house - are gonna have a massive party, but in seventh house its relationship renewal..i'm in 10th and will be challenged career wise.. friday night is a bit of a crux, if we been putting energy into something (material or spiritual) it has the potential on Friday to meet or not meet our expectations. lets celebrate what floats!!

watch out for others that work too much on their body, the planetary aspects are Mars (im the hottest) and Saturn/Neptune (karma/delusions).

Something that may save us from getting overwhelmed by all these thoughts is knowing that this is the second to last in the series of Virgo-Pisces (service) eclipses (next one is also in pisces - feb 26, 2017) They started March 20, 2015, last time this series happened was Sep 2006 - Feb 2008). Eclipse in the total same degree processed the last four months of 1997.

We have been coaxed with intense jolts into thinking about how service to our material bodies can be balanced by service to our spiritual. this can mean looking for new vocations, making time for time out, making sure our mind can keep up with our body and our body keep up with our mind..