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Horoscope for June 20 - July 20 - Full Moon in Sagittarius

Our Blue Moon - second full moon in sag.

OMG its Donald Trumps moon. so its gonna be gross!! this is gonna make us want to prove the public wrong and we gotta be careful to not wear ourselves out doing this.. the energy is there feeding the monsters this full moon. maybe there is a lesson in a goth perversity, loving the monsters, instead of fighting them..

so, if the new moon a couple of weeks ago affected you, this full moon is gonna be intense too coz of the venus opposition.. we got a T, not a cross this time.... we will try avoiding bad news, be conflicted about parenting, if we pamper ourselves too much we could end up regretting it.

mars stops being in retrograde july 29 so maybe if we take on new things lets just wait and see till mars starts being courageous again. we lost the mercury in retrograde last full moon so hopefully communication has been better.. its a good time to look at how you avoid confrontation. any breaking of the law that we usually get away with could be turned on its head... we are given time to slow down to thoroghly think things through..

oh and moonpsychics was good again this new moon. Click Here for Video

Some slow dark sounds for the Sagitarrius Full Moon