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May 22, 2016 Full Moon in Sagitarrius

Make Something Big

Hey y'all

this is the first full moon in sagitarrius, next full moon will also be in sagittarius (blue moon) remember the taurus double last year?

we have some mega spiritual warrior stuff happening, we want to be really emotional/confessional and make something big.. we wanna make something big in the afterflife or in other dimensions but also try balance it out with making something big in the now, like a mega banquet for your friends!! fantastic forest parties for us and the fairies!! be aware of the temptation to make something big that may end up hurting you..

its the 3rd most powerful full moon this year.. forgot to say in email that mercury is in retrograde till 27 may so any big proclamations may take a week to clear up any communication problems.

sending you spiritual mega bowls of hummus.

oh and moonpsychics was a dead end again for new moon. i'm in a bit of a rut.. there's always next full moon Click Here for Video

Sound for the Sagitarrius Full Moon