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Sunday Jan 24, 2016 : Full Moon in Leo

So, we have some emotions coming up on sunday for the full moon.

the new moon in capricorn last week or so, probably put us on a practical, wise trajectory and we gonna reap the rewards soon.. how better with a full moon in leo when sun is in aquarius.. but it might take us a while to understand what the emotions that arise on sunday actually mean.. this is because the aquarius energy is about the impersonal and trying to find a way to be with everyone and the leo energy is wild about you!!

trying to be with everyone is hard especially when you can't stop people's anger, and/or stupid decisions.  i imagine as all of you are so awesome there are people that try to bring that down, expect to run into a few assholes whose moon effect theyve taken too far into their 'get off my lawn' policy... but totes ravish in your leo, in the closeness of your moonchildren.. and bring on that awesomeness supernova.. uranus is with us for progressive change this full moon..

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