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WIRELESSPSYCHICS EXPERIMENT #5: SWEET SPOT/NEW MOON The new moon is time to find your strength within. Take your spirit animal or inner child on a walk through your home. Start at your WiFi router, as you walk, try and sense the Wi-Fi strength. Re-trace your steps and identify the spot you felt the strongest Wi-Fi, place a special amulet there. If you want to test your ability you can use the Wifi Sweet Spot App (Android and iOS) and retrace your path again

new moon in libra, Sep 30, 2016

i had a long weekend of shows this new moon and totally forgot about doing my psychic test (in exchange i have built a wi-fi divining device called #wifiwell.. I'll be doing 2 full moon tests this october.. one on October 12 at Marrickville Air Gallery and the usual one at home on October 15